Excellent addition to the legal researchers toolbox

David Price - Researcher

A must have for lawyers that research EU-Law

Cemal Baran Basok - Lawyer

The Legal Research Solution For EU Law.

Before High-BROWSE:

You spend most of your time struggling through unstructured data and conducting manual research. You waste valuable time analysing old or irrelevant information… instead of processing the results.

After High-BROWSE:

You gain access to the entire EU legal system. A powerful search engine helps you find all relevant information and clever algorithms instantly reveal all case-synergies and legal-links, helping you harness the entirety of EU Law.

Save Valuable Time on researching EU Legal Acts, Case-Laws and Treaties. Find all citations, relations and legal links instantly!

One Legal Research Platform to browse the entire EU legal system. Straight from sources like Eur-lex, Curia and the Register of Delegated and Implementing Acts.

Legal Dictionary

Finally! A built-in Legal Dictionary inside each Legal Act document. Understand the legal texts and acquire knowledge effortlessly while browsing EU Law with High-BROWSE

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High-Browse provides the most up-to-date information on EU law in one place. Find links to legislation and case rulings instantly for any topic you’re researching–no more flipping through pages or websites trying to find what you need.  Our innovative citation module, High-Cite creates a seamless search experience by bringing together related documents from different sources into one user friendly interface.

legal Knowledgebase

Take a sneak peak into our legal knowledgebase with just one click. Browse a selection of the latest legislations, current case-laws and historic landmark cases for FREE. 

Fancy searching and revealing all the case-synergies and legal-links within the entire EU legal system Law? Sign-up to our Free 14 Day Trial here!

Themis - Your powerful EU law search engine

Leveraging A.I. and Deep Learning, our cutting-edge search engine Themis, delivers accurate and relevant EU law search results everytime. With our unique algorithm trained in the entire EU law, case laws and treaties, Themis ranks results based on a citation model. The more you search or read articles, your experience will become customised to what’s important to you.


A comprehensive legal citator that connects EU law.

High-Cite is an invaluable tool; search within and across all EU legislation and case laws from one dashboard. Save hours by showing citations to legal acts, case laws and articles. High-Cite can be used for everything from judicial decisions to showcasing the relationships between different types of EU law. Relate case laws and articles to legal acts and take into account relations with treaties.

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areas of interest and stay in the know on what matters
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Boost your productivity

Easily organize your notes and files to be shared with colleagues. Choose Focus Mode for browsing documents in any field of law, it’s easy to find relevant information without distractions.

Customers reviews

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Excellent addition to legal researchers' toolbox. Clear and straightforward. Powerful search functions for statute and case law with cross-referencing between both. Embedded PDF files in search results provide instant access to source materials. Simple to master and authoritative.
David Price
A useful platform focused on case law and the connection of legal precedents, with the legal acts through hyperlinks. A must-have for lawyers that research European law. Helpful staff who reacts promptly to questions about the platform.
Cemal Baran Basok

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High-Browse is a platform that lets you easily research anything in EU legislation and jurisprudence, all from one place. What makes us unique is our advanced analytics technology which finds relations between legislation and jurisprudence for you – cutting your time spent researching by up to 50%. We also have other features including searchable indexes of legislation with interactive hyperlinked references making High-Browse an invaluable tool for anyone who spends their time studying EU laws.

In a word, yes! By using High-Browse instead of EUR-Lex directly, you still get all the data (we use EUR-Lex as a data source), but in a format that is easier to navigate and research — making your research faster and reducing mistakes.

Rather than having to manually find all the legislation and jurisprudence that you need (which takes time and risks you missing something), High-Browse’s analytics automatically displays acts and case law relevant to your search.


You also get easy access to other potentially relevant information. For example, when you display legislation, you also get replacements, amendments, and supplementary provisions shown to you — and relevant jurisprudence too

Rather than having to manually find all the legal acts and related case law that you need (which takes time and risks you missing something), High-Browse’s analytics automatically displays acts and case law relevant to your search

Not just that, but you also get easy access to other potentially relevant information. For example, when you display legal acts, you also get replacements, amendments, and supplementary provisions shown to you — and relevant case law too

High-Browse is designed to use advanced analytics to make it easier and faster to find all the relevant information you need.


When you search for something, High-Browse finds relations between legislation and jurisprudence— even the information that is easy to miss, like older provisions or less known cases.


All this information is presented to you in a single app, where you can browse it comfortably. Also, references to legislation and jurisprudence inside the documents are interactive, letting you access referenced material directly.


Our platform is designed with security in mind. All data you share with us is kept on save, encrypted servers within Europe, and we never share it with third parties

You are free to cancel your subscription at any time. You can also easily upgrade your subscription at any time.


All this translates to many hours saved during your legal research, and fewer mistakes to boot!


See for yourself: watch a video on our tutorial page, or directly sign up for your free 14 days trial.

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