About Us

"We are a small team of experienced legal and tech professionals, originating from all over the world, our HQ is currently based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands."

- High-Browse

Our Mission

At High-Browse, we know that researching EU law can be time-consuming.

We enable better research results at a higher convenience, using quality engineering, industry experience and modern analytics.

The result: lawyers can represent their clients in the best possible way.

Our Values


High Quality Engineering

You should be able to rely 100% on the accuracy of our data. Our data only originates from official sources and undergoes multiple screenings before release


We Deliver Results Fast!

Our servers are hosted by us, and we provide one of the fastest and most stable solutions on the planet. The result: speed and uptime around the clock


Your Success Is Our Focus

We offer you an extensive and personalized onboarding process while making sure you always get all the support while using High-Browse.

Our Team



Managing Director

Shyam worked in Risk and Regulatory Reporting in banking for 15 years. There he built regulatory reporting systems based on requirements from European Central Bank (ECB).


Data Director

Remco is a data-engineer and developer with an extensive
and divers background in the banking industry. 
He has experience with designing and implementing innovative
and complex data driven solutions using established and new and
upcoming technologies.



Creative Director

Grace is an international creative director, digital designer and motion graphic artist. She has over 17 years of experience designing for some of the worlds biggest TV broadcasters, creative agencies and iconic brands.



Chief Operating Officer

Marcel is a sales and marketing expert with 18+ years’ experience in the field. Born and raised in Cologne, Marcel has successfully led different teams, projects and organisations of any size. Over the last 18+ years, Marcel gained significant expertise and knowledge in marketing, communication and sales management.​



Senior Lead Developer

Reuben comes from a background in the data tooling industry, specializing in software solutions for data analysis. Reuben joined the High-Browse team as a full stack developer, focusing on server maintenance and front-end development.


Legal Specialist

Dikra – our legal specialist 

A few words from our founder

Many lawyers find it time-consuming to research European law.

Without in-depth research, critical relations between law and cases can be overlooked.


Our software uses advanced analytics to ensure no relations go unnoticed. When lawyers use High-Browse, they increase their chances of success through comprehensive analytics.


While working in regulatory reporting projects I always felt that a lot of time is wasted going back and forth between documents as legal documents tend to have a lot of references to other documents.


The impact of laws on cases cannot be researched in an integrated way, where legal acts and cases linked to a law e.g. is not available under one page. As a result, regulatory/legal research takes more time than it should in the current age of analytics and better visualization of data. 


So I laid the foundations for High-Browse, where legal documents can be linked to other legal documents and cases with the help of advanced analytics and presented to users with visual analytics, giving better quality research at a quicker pace. 


I have a Master’s in Quantitative Finance and worked in the automation of Risk Reporting systems in some of the largest banks in the world. 


To your success

Shyam Bhattacharya


Watch the full interview with Shyam Bhattacharya.

Shyam reveals how High-Browse was founded, which problems the software is solving and what makes High-Browse so unique. Moreover, he talks about how High-Browse will influence and change the legal tech landscape in the coming years. You never heard of High-Browse?

High-Browse provides legal researchers with the most up-to-date information on European Union law, all in one place. Find links to legislation and case rulings instantly for any topic you’re researching–no more flipping through tons of pages or websites trying to find what you need! Our innovative citation module, High-Cite™ creates a seamless search experience by bringing together related documents from different sources into one user-friendly interface.

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