Getting Started with High-Browse

It’s time to get started. Start your search by typing your keywords in the Search Bar. A new window will be opened with all relevant legal acts and case laws. You can always return to this Search Screen to narrow down your search. Save valuable time by re-using previous search queries. Click the Search History button next to the Search Bar. A list with recent searches appears. Click on one of the previous search queries to re-use them. In the same menu, a list of popular search queries is presented. Click on one of the entries to access the results.

Optimize your results #

Get better results by using the Advanced Search features. Click ‘Advanced Search’ to access the options. You can search for legal acts, case-laws or use search words independently. If you know the Celex number, you can even find specific sources faster.

Stay up to date #

High-Browse keeps you informed about relevant legal acts and case-laws which are published today. Now it’s easier than ever to stay current. To view all the latest legislation, click ‘View All’. Use the Arrow buttons to see the previous and next entries.

Read the latest news #

The section ‘Latest News’ contains a selection of newsworthy items, such as decisions and implementing regulation. To view all the latest news, click ‘View All’. Use the Arrow buttons to view the previous and next items. This section offers the best way to kick-start your day.

Upcoming delegated and implementing acts #

In this section, you’ll find an overview of the latest delegated and implementing acts. Click on the icon of an arrow to see the details about the topic. If applicable, relevant case laws and legal acts are displayed in the corners of the screen. Click on ‘Load More Results’ to see a complete list of delegated and implanting acts.

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