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Legal research can be time-consuming and challenging to manage. You have to balance finding the most relevant information with managing your workflow so that you don’t overwhelm yourself or procrastinate, which leads to wasted hours of work.

That’s why we are excited today to introduce new functionalities in High-Browse! Innovative features, such as a focus mode for distraction-free readability and note-taking capabilities so you can share what you find with your team and collaborate in real-time on different documents.

The focus mode dramatically reduces clutter and increases the readability of the text, so you can focus on what matters most. In addition, it removes everything that could potentially distract from your reading.

The note-taking capabilities allow you to capture critical thoughts and annotations in real-time as you read essential documents. You can always find these notes in “Your Notes”.
Do you want to share your notes with your colleagues? No problem, send any content you like via email directly from the platform.

We are working on including sharing options such as dropbox sharing, save to Evernote, save as PDF and many more in our future releases.
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