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We created High-CITE.

High-CITE is a unique citation module, which displays all interconnected and related legal data, providing exclusive data and search results.


Fast Analysis and Algorithms.

Algorithms find all citations and relations. View detailed Legislations with individual articles. Find Definitions of selected words.

User Features

Your Success Is Our Focus

Note taking, highlighting and built in-line annotations. File sharing and collaboration. See structured content within a clean interface.


Data Sources

Fresh legal data daily.

You should be able to rely 100% on the accuracy of our data. Our data only originates from official sources and undergoes multiple screenings before release.

Search Engine

We Deliver Results Fast!

Our servers are hosted by us, and we provide one of the fastest and most stable solutions on the planet. The result: speed and uptime around the clock.

search results

Exclusive Data Results.

clever algorithms instantly reveal all case-synergies and legal-links, helping you harness the entirety of the EU legal system in an instant.  


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