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CRR III and CRD VI will be implemented in the coming years.

Guarantee your organisation is compliant with the help of our AI-based Gap Analysis Tool.

The Credit Risk Directive is coming – is your organization ready?

The old way of doing gap analysis is through printed materials, analysts and excel files that require thousands of hours. There's an easier alternative though!

High-BROWSE brings you RegulationCompare, a simple, automated gap analysis tool that compares the current and upcoming regulations article by article. With the help of complex algorithms, our online tool makes it easy to compare the current CRR II with CRR III. In addition to that it also automatically integrates any published Q&As and RTS from EBA, giving you a holistic view of the updated regulation at all times.


A simple, automated Gap Analysis Tool that compares the current and upcoming regulations article by article.

See upcoming amendments to articles

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